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We have now introduced Yoga lessons to all the children to
promote their physical health and mental wellbeing.

Bumblebees - 3 Months to 2 Years Crawley
Bumblebees is a spacious and stimulating environment which all our children are nurtured and provided with a safe, calm and responsive atmosphere to develop positive attachments and form their first relationships with other adults and peers. This reinforces and develops key attachments which are vital for their personal, social and emotional development. We provide the babies with a variety of sensory activities to stimulate them and encourage their curiosity and exploratory impulses.

We provide a safe sleep area for babies to have a rest away from the noise of the classroom, and sleep mats for the older children to have a rest after lunch.

Your child will be provided with a day book that gives you information regarding nappy changes, food and general activities they have done throughout the day with us and any other information required or shared with home can be noted down.

Childcare Horley

Many children have their own comforter objects which are important to them such as dummies, blankets and soft toys. These items are especially important whilst a new child is settling into nursery, please make sure everything is brought in clearly labelled with your child's full name.

Babies and toddlers are encouraged to communicate together and with adults, their attempts at conversation are valued to ensure they receive an affirming experience, encouraging development, confidence and security. Our nursery environments also support social interaction, including role play, den making and small group activities, encouraging children to play, talk and learn together.

Various stimulating activities are provided throughout the day to enhance the children's individual development. These activities include painting, role play, singing, story time, crafts, water play, sand play and cooking, all of which can be accessed indoors and outdoors, these are tailored around observations and planning for each individual child.

Your child will be offered a rest period after lunch on individual little mattresses. When your child is transitioning up from the baby unit, we carry out regular trials with the children to ensure they have a smooth transition and get to know the staff, making sure we build a positive and trusting relationship between the individual children and staff.

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