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Key Carer Horsham
The Key Carer is a named practitioner and are allocated to all children, they are responsible for a small group of children, and they are there to help the child feel safe and secure. The role is important for both child and parent and it is an approach set out in the EYFS. Your child's Key Carer will be your first point of contact.
You can find more information on EYFS here.

Key Carers will create individual learning journals for your children that will target and progress each child they will plan appropriate activities to suit individual needs.

We keep parents informed of your child’s progress by holding regular parents' evenings, and talking to parents daily. We provide lots of outdoor space to safely explore and enjoy fresh air throughout the day.

To help both you and your child settle in to your new routine we offer free of charge trial sessions, a chance to meet your child’s classroom team, who will work with you to understand your home routine and make the transition into nursery is as smooth as possible.

Engaging with parents/carers
  • Participate in and plan ways of getting parents involved, we have regular parents evening. We would host informal occasions such as stay and play sessions.
  • We want to promote a positive relationship between the nursery and home, engage in a positive way, create a bond with the parent/carer.
  • To reassure and comfort parent/carer with regular chats each day so they are confident their child is settling and discuss ways to help if they are not settling.
  • Provide daily verbal feedback to parents informing them about what the children have eaten and general comments on the day to coincide the days books.
Meeting child's needs
  • Key Carer to have an input into the planning, based on the child's individual needs and what they will gain from the activity, making sure the children will enjoy it and benefit accordingly.
  • They will use 'characteristics of effective learning statements' when they plan for children's individual needs.
  • Key Carer is inclusive, they are aware of the child’s individual needs, related to their culture, background, any learning disabilities, ability, dietary requirements and sensitivities, to make sure the information is passed on to the rest of the staff team and ensuring they are met.
Keeping records of the key child
  • All room members, including cover staff to observe it the child frequently by either taking photos, doing written observations, or even to use the child's work.
  • Keep an up to date record of child’s Learning.
  • On trial session Key Carer to complete relevant form with parents, this starts the beginning of the child’s journey with us alongside the room supervisor.
  • Journals are compared and shared with duel settings viz parents to monitor child progress.
  • Throughout the last term of Pre School, Practitioners will complete a transfer profile to the reception teacher.

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