Early years funding

Our nursery is open for 50 weeks of the year.
The government pays for 3-5 years old to attend a pre-school term time only for 15 hours a week.
As many of our parents require our service over the 50 weeks, we can spread the funding received, to ensure that you pay equal amounts each month making it easier and more cost effective.


Example of how funding is worked out:
Hourly amount received is £3.91 x 15 hours = £58.65 a week x 38 weeks (funded weeks) = £2,228.70 divided by 12 months = £185.72 a month to come your monthly invoice.


  • Please note that the equation above is only for clients claiming 15 hours; this amount will change depending on the amount of funding hours needed in the week.  

Parents can choose for their child to attend during the term time for up to 15 hours and will only need to pay lunch at £2.20 or tea for a £1.20

Ofsted say...'This childcare provision is good'!

Management are very 'hands on' and lead by example. They place a strong emphasis on the setting's strengths and areas for development and have developed a broad range of ambitious targets in order to continually improve.

Staff are highly motivated and work exceptionally well as a team to create a safe and secure learning environment for children.

Staff value working in partnership with parents so that they are fully involved in their children's learning and development. This prepares children well for the next stage in their education.

Staff have a thorough knowledge of the Early Years Foundation Stage. They use their skills and knowledge to promote good learning outcomes for children.